top ten charmed episodes » that 70’s episode [1/10]

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YES, YES, YES!!!!!!
c: <3

Come back to me Jukie!!

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I applaud people who get up and get dressed because I stay in my pajamas all day unless I’m going out

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hair porn buffy summers (season four)

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best response to a sexist boyfriend

greatest movie

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newyorkcitydreaming replied to your post “Hello dear. I love your writing. Could you possibly write something where Stiles and Felicity are bffs?”

But your ask page even says NOT ACCEPTING PROMPTS!…Chelle is confused.

My ask box says I’m not taking prompts, on the last prompt I posted I asked people NOT to send prompts, my Ask box also says to see my FAQ page before asking and the very second faq answer talks about prompts. *sighs*

I mean, it could just be that they’re on Tumblr mobile, but I’m getting really tired of having to say, over and over again, that I’m not accepting prompts. :(

Hug me, Chelle.


Come here my darling!!

I mean I know that you are wonderful and fabulous and don’t even get me started on your writing because it’s pretty much as wonderful and fabulous as you are but people need to learn that you also have a life and need a break and you are not here sitting around doing nothing ready to fill prompts and write them stories!!

Also congrats on graduating ~ I meant to send you a message ages ago but my brain is fried and it forgot!!

So YAY YOU!!! You are AWESOME!!!

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i even procrastinate things i actually want to do

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